Evolutia reglementarilor internationale privind combaterea terorismului

Vitalie Sili


In its diversity, the phenomenon of terrorism by its destabilizing public order and generating real threats to social values and stability of interstate relations raised awareness of the international community and authorities of many states. Since terrorist acts have overcome the borders of a single state, this phenomenon has become a part of the international organizations’ agenda; thus, as a result, there have been undertaken steps on regulating and elaborating efficient measures of countering and combating manifestations of a terrorist character. Terrorist threat led to mobilization of the international community, a number of working groups being established initially under the auspices of the League of Nations and, then, the United Nations Organization.   In this context, the cooperation of governments that intensified in the interwar period, continued after World War II. Common efforts of the states have led to the adoption of a great number of international conventions and adjustment of national legislations to the international ones in terms of imposing sanctions on persons involved in the terrorist activity as well as cooperating between national authorities in combating terrorism.


terrorist activity, terrorism prevention and counteraction, regulation of terrorist manifestation forms, international cooperation in the field of preventing and combating terrorism, evolution of juridical and counterterrorist regulation.


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